Merion is a 150 year old Club with the likes of Bill Tilden, Dick Savit, Rod Laver, Ken Rosewall & Arthur Ashe having graced this wonderful tennis facility in the past. The grass courts were a wonderful sight but a shade tricky to execute on. Nevertheless, IC India won all their matches. With the low bounce, the net was the right place to be in a hurry. A tactic the visitors employed in ample measure. Ed Turnville had especially flown down from Florida to make all the arrangements. Interestingly, Rebecca Sorlien (whose late husband had been in the organizing Committee of the US IC 36 years ago) also joined us for dinner. Dinky Misra was on the Indian team then and both were lost in wine and nostalgia. The lunch and dinner hosted were both sumptuous as well as full of the usual camaraderie associated with IC events.
Sanjeev Kassal (Honorary Secretary)