The IC Team comprising the following visited Europe between 7th to the 13th of June 2014.
1. Mr. Amar Khosla
2. Mr. Gaurav Kumar with his spouse Neha
3. Mr. Vineet Aggarwal with his spouse Amita
4. Mr. Vikas Singh with his spouse Minu
5. Mr. Sanjeev Manchanda with his spouse Bindu
6. Ms. Sohini Kumari
7. Mr. Ravi Inder Singh
8. Mrs. Meera Chowla

Our team drove down from Vienna to Budapest in a minivan and reached Budapest on the 10th afternoon. As in Budapest, the Hungarian IC had organized for us to stay in homes, the various members in whose homes we were to stay were waiting for us at the hotel. The Hungarian IC members then welcomed the ladies with flowers and took each one of us to their respective homes for a three day stay in Budapest. Each IC member who hosted us in his home took great pain to ensure that our trip was memorable. We played Tennis at their beautiful Club in Budapest followed by dinner. Each one of us got back with great memories of the trip and especially the warmth shown by our hosts at their respective homes. The President with his wife Minu, Mr. Sanjeev Manchanda and Mr. R.I. Singh flew together from Austria to Washington DC where we were joined by Somnath Bose with his wife Sharmila, Sanjeev Kassal, Rohit Sharma, Rajveer Ranawat and Dinky Misra.