President’s Message

It gives me great pleasure to address the I.C. India members.

When this committee took over the reins of the I.C. club last year we were blessed by the fact that the earlier committee headed by Mr Vikas Singh had ensured that the finances were in a very healthy position. This has enabled us to move forward with ease.

The recent amendments approved by the outgoing I.C. Executive Committee have allowed the Indian chapter of one of the world’s premier tennis institutions to bring in new leadership through e-voting. E-voting will invigorate members from all regions in India to participate actively in the selection of the functionaries of future Indian I.C.

Going forward, I feel that I.C. India needs to focus on 4 points:

1. Domestic calendar: a domestic I.C. India calendar to reignite the interest of all regions. Plans are afoot to organise events across the country.

2. Junior development: it is very important that the I.C. strengthens the hands of A.I.T.A. and works in tandem with them to fortify the Indian junior development program.

3. Enrolment program for I.C.: we have to broaden our base in the I.C. and enrol more members so that we have larger participation in our events. At the same time we also have to make sure that former nationally ranked players, Davis Cup players, Fed Cup players join our family to make our events meaningful. I am glad to state that we have commenced this process during the past one year.

4. Philanthropy: a lot of us have reached where we have in life thanks to our tennis connections. I strongly feel that at our stage of life we must now give back to the game, especially to the underprivileged. Keeping this in mind, Jaideep Bhatia, our Hon. Sec. has done great work and I must congratulate him for this.

I am happy to say that our committee is working very hard towards achieving all of the above goals.

We have been privileged in the I.C. India that all our tennis icons from the past like the Amritraj’s, the Krishnan’s and Jaidip Mukerjea have always supported and taken an active part in our activities and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for this.

In the same vein, I would like to express my gratitude to our many well wishers and sponsors who remain the backbone for all our activities. My heartfelt thanks also to the entire Executive Committee who has put in everything to take I.C. India to greater heights.

I would like to end this message by wishing the I.C. family all the very best in these troubled times. Stay home, stay safe. I am sure this too shall pass and sooner than later we will be back on the tennis court spreading the message of “hands across the net, friendship across the ocean”.

Nandan Bal (President)

IC, India.