Council of ICs

The International Club’s ideals are believed to be of such value that the development and maintenance of their standards in any country should be the concern of all those interested in the fine traditions of the game and particularly of those who enjoy the privilege of IC Membership.

The ways to achieve such a purpose were the objects of a first exchange of views in Paris in 1946 between members of some of the ICs. Then a meeting of the representatives of all existing ICs, ie., Great Britain, France, USA, Czechoslovakia, The Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium was called in London on 22nd July 1947 by the IC of Great Britain, the first IC to be established.

It was unanimously recommended that the maintenance of the IC ideals everywhere should be entrusted to a “Council of the IC” composed of representatives of all the existing ICs. Prior to formation of any new International Club, the approval of this Council must be obtained. The Council meets once a year in London on the second Tuesday morning of the Wimbledon fortnight.

The functions of the Council will be carried on by an Executive Committee composed of representatives of the three older ICs, Great Britain, France, USA and of three other ICs which, in accordance with the seniority of their formation and in rotation, shall be elected to the Executive Committee for a period of one year.